Pen C


One pen for all!

An everlasting, minimal, and quality built design. Compatible for over 100+ types of ballpoint refills.

The design team rethink the basics of a pen for daily writing and its’ lifecycle. Pen C features a magnetic cap and a unique design fixture that firmly secures the writing tip and takes in different ballpoint refills. It provides extraordinary stability and precision when writing with it due to its zero tip wiggle. It is also very versatile when it comes to seeking for refills that match personal preferences.

The pen is boxed in a gifting aluminium casing, and a Japanese gel-ink refill install. Design and Made in Taiwan.


Awards: 2017 Golden Pin Design Award
Material: aluminium, steel, brass, magnet
Weight: 38.5 g

  • with the cap on – 144 mm
  • with the cap attached behind – 146 mm
  • without the cap – 121 mm
  • width – Ø 12 mm


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Pen C系列是岸頭的經典品項,獲得⾦點設計獎與紅點設計獎的認證加持,能適應各種不同喜好的書寫需求,使用眾多市售廠牌的鋼珠筆替芯。特殊的結構確保了筆尖穩固不搖晃,書寫繪圖時,手感十分紮實,軌跡順暢精確。堅固可靠的鋁合⾦筆⾝也相當符合永續的精神。

| 外型特點 |


| 自由換芯 |




| 穩定書寫 |


| 磁吸筆蓋 |


| 自由組合 |


| 專屬客製 |

『 雷射刻字 』服務,能夠為你的鋼珠筆訂製一份專屬於你/妳的獨特樣貌,無論是送禮或是自用一應俱全。中文、英文客製皆可完美呈現於筆身,你的獨特由你決定。

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