Pen C


One pen for all!

An everlasting, minimal, and quality-built design. Compatible with over 100+ types of ballpoint refills.

Pen C is a ballpoint pen designed to accommodate different writing habits. It provides zero-tip wiggle and writesexceptionally precisely. It is versatile when seeking refills that match personal refill/ inktype preferences. Solid and stable grip, highly acclaimed. A local brand, 100% made in Taiwan.

2017 Golden Pin Design Award

Material:aluminium, steel, brass, magnet
Weight: 38.5 g
隱藏:−with the cap on :144 mm
隱藏:−with the cap attached behind :146 mm
隱藏:−without the cap :121 mm
隱藏:−width :Ø 12 mm


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Pen C

One pen for all!

The Pen C series is a classic product of ANTOU, it can adapt to various writing preferences and needs, and its sturdy aluminum pen body also aligns with the spirit of sustainability.

⊕ Color/ Dimensions

⊕ Refill Adapting Capabilities

The core of the pen series is the unique claw structure design, which creates extraordinary stability and 100% non-wobbly nib when writing it. The ANTOU pen series offers a wide range of refill-adapting capabilities. With only a simple step – switch effortlessly to Oil-based ballpoint pens, water-based ballpoint pens, neutral gel-ink pens or even a mechanical pencil.

⊕ Various style

The PenC series offers a high degree of customsiable freedom. Match it to your style today!

Pen C mini換筆芯

The structure of Pen C mini is simple, making it very convenient to use. With the magnetic cap installed, rotate it and then insert the ballpoint refill into the narrow gap (cartridge holder) that contacts the base to install it.

⊕ Excellent Writing Experience

Common pens on the market often have issues with gaps between the pen refill and the tip, which may appear minor but can result in wobbling during the writing process, leading to uneven handwriting.
To enhance the writing experience, the team invested time in experimenting and researching the widths of various pen refills and tips on the market. They then utilized a unique claw-like structure to ensure an absolute fit between pen refills from different brands and the Pen C series.

⊕ Appearance Features

The Pen C series adopt the polygonal shape design of the metal pen body, ensuring that whether you’re in the office, a meeting, or simply at a desk, the pen remains stable and won’t easily roll or slip when placed down for writing.
The hollow design of the pen bodymakes it easy to check the ink consumption and colour configuration.The design is concise, rich in functionality, and endowed with structural aesthetics.

Additional information

Additional information


Black, Gun metal, Silver, Blue