NOTA. Work & Portfolio Binder

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*The product is a derivative of the NOTA series and is an add-on for NOTA series.

Add another binder to your book NOTA!

Having to manage multiple projects at once or need extra stationeries to carry along with your notebook? Add another magnetic binder to the NOTA party.

Unique zero-blind-spot magnetic design, flip freely, neat and tidy storage. The  NOTA.  is made from 6061 aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured, and colored through a hard anodization process. It comes with a stable and flexible silicone ring binding, allowing for easy page removal by gently pulling the inner corner and pushing outward. The number of sheets that the clip can hold may vary depending on the thickness and weight of the paper. Taking the included 80g paper as an example, it can hold up to 20 sheets/40 pages, which is suitable for daily writing needs.

Binder Size

A series : 210 mm ➔  refill with A5 or folded A4 paper

NA series : 215 mm ➔ refill with ½US letter or US letter paper


  • Work magnetic binder * 1
  • NOTA. Silicone Bands * 3

weight : 45-49 g
Dimensions:  8 * 19 * 210-215 mm
Material : aluminium, magnets, silicone bands

【 reminder 】

Anodizing coating due to friction is considered a regular occurrence.

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| NOTA.  Work Binder Size |

A series : 8*19*210 mm ➔  refill with A5 or folded A4 paper

NA series : 8*19*215 mm ➔ refill with ½US letter or US letter paper

|Modular Mag Binder|

The intricate modular design starts from the magnetic book spine and the binders. Users can organise binders for different usages, such as assigning them for various project management or converting them into multiple organisers. Organising the NOTA. book has become ever so swift and straightforward. The binder will automatically align itself from any angle when placed next to one another.

| About book NOTA. Series|

Designing a notebook with a continually extendable lifespan.

We positioned NOTA. series as a long-term usable product. While components like inner pages, covers, and elastic bands may face wear and tear over time, the magnetic binder and the ability to disassemble and replace each part mean the notebook’s lifespan can be indefinite. After two years of the pandemic and the shift to working from home, ANTOU launched NOTA.2.0 NOTA  Work, focusing more on work-oriented use. It utilizes easily accessible A4 paper, folded in half, and with the use of a dedicated hole puncher, it becomes the notebook’s inner pages. 

Utilize the binders as categorical dividers – each binder for a specific category or purpose. Easily swap binders in and out of the book you usually carry and say farewell to the previously chaotic process of streamlining plans in various notebooks. 

A new magnetic binder tailored for the US letter-size paper is also an alternative option for North American backers. Don’t worry; it fits perfectly in the current NOTA. Work

Additional information

Additional information

book binder

matte black, titanium silver


A series, NA series