NOTA. DAILY / Veg.Leather / ≈A6


All in need and simplified into one!

Book NOTA series is a reinvented notebook organiser with flexible modulating features and a magnetic binding system. It is perfect for brainstorming and presentations and takes your creativity to the next level. It helps with organising your ideas and keeping your daily carryings minimal.

Book NOTA values the virtue of physical notetaking and visualising creative ideas. It brings a refreshing experience with its intricate magnetic book spine and modular binder design. Users can organise binders for different usages, assign them for various project management, expand use with booklets and accessories from other brands, or convert them into multiple organisers.

the classic EDC- NOTA Daily / veg-tanned leather

The book NOTA Daily allows users to fully utilise its organising system with its magnetic book spine and binders. It is a just-right size for everyday carry and holds up to 3 binders with numerous personalising potentials.Veg-tanned cowhide, with a warm and smooth touch, gradually develops a unique color and texture with use.

Book Size / Refill Paper Size 

177 * 130 mm /  folded160 * 230 mm


  • Daily Veg-tanned Leather * 1
  • Daily / Lite bookbinder * 2
  • 40 sheets of paper ( NOTA Daily/ Lite 160 * 230 mm )
  • A6 adaptors * 2 ( accommodates any A6 size booklet )
  • NOTA. puncher * 1 (with or without)


Weight: 230 g
Dimensions: 30 * 130 * 177 mm
Material: veg-tanned leather, silicone band, aluminium, magnets


【 reminder 】

The vegetable-tanned leather will sometimes retain inevitable traits like bug bites, wrinkles or scar marks. Therefore, products will sometime have qualities caused by these natural factors. Please understand and consider these features when purchasing the product.

Standard shipping offers trackable service without signing. It’s a more economical option; However, it bears the risk of parcel theft or delays. The Express shipping provides a more reliable and secure tracking and signature service. We strongly recommend using express shipping for high-value orders, as the package is simpler to track down from both ends and avoid parcel theft. ANTOU would not be able to compensate for the loss of the parcel if it is delivered but stolen.



Book NOTA. A versatile tool perfect for brainstorming and presentations that takes your creativity to the next level! All your hard work deserves an equally powerful notebook that makes you more productive and organized. Elevate your work efficiency right from start to finish!

| About book NOTA.|

Designing a notebook with a continually extendable lifespan.

 In 2020, ANTOU team came up with the idea of creating a practical notebook. Driven by the belief that others might share the same concerns, we began designing the first generation of –  NOTA. DAILY. We aimed to solve common issues with handwritten notes, such as dealing with disorganized, thick notebooks while working, dissatisfaction with commercial notebook designs, the desire for adjustable pages without the hassle of binding rings, and the need to replace notebooks every year. 

We positioned NOTA. series as a long-term usable product. While components like inner pages, covers, and elastic bands may face wear and tear over time, the magnetic binder and the ability to disassemble and replace each part mean the notebook’s lifespan can be indefinite. After two years of the pandemic and the shift to working from home, ANTOU launched NOTA.2.0 NOTA  Work, focusing more on work-oriented use. It utilizes easily accessible A4 paper, folded in half, and with the use of a dedicated hole puncher, it becomes the notebook’s inner pages. 

| NOTA. DAILY /  Specs&Details|

| NOTA. DAILY / Veg-Tanned  Color|

YT Stationery Collector “Mark Your Page” Sharing Experience with NOTA WORK

| Fast Changing Magnetic Modular System|

The secret of Book NOTA lies in its magnetic book spine. The specially designed magnetic binding system turns your notebook into a personalized organizer, breaking its original limits.

| Full-grain Vegetable Tanned Leather Cover |

As time goes by, Book NOTA develops a natural patina adding another element to its look and a softer, more forgiving texture. Making it a truly unique and eye-catching piece that mirrors your lifestyle and reflects your habits, in other words, more irresistible to use. Experience alluring, glossy textures and aroma with luxurious designs while still keeping your notes and sketches organized and well protected.

By using 6061 space-grade aluminum alloy and anodized coloring, we are able to create a stable and durable book spine and binder to withstand all your daily usage with smoothed-out edges to prevent any sort of scratches or cuts that might occur. Our binder comes in two colors, with super-strong hard anodizing processing, offering you multiple choices which you can choose from according to your style.

|About Refills |

We use soft white 100 gsm wood-free paper for NOTA. ; it is Ideal for all kinds of printers and is slightly more durable than regular double A office paper. We recommend using any paper above 80 gsm. 

|  Multiple Amplifying Accessories |

Aside from its powerful magnetic feature, the modular accessories are another reason why notebook enthusiasts choose book NOTA. For the DAILY  accessories, NOTA. Daily Tool Kit,NOTA. Daily Card Holder,NOTA. Daily Pencil Case. For the  WORK accessories, the vegetable-tanned leather cardholder, EDC transparent storage folder, and clipboard .

| Two way for binding |

The intricate binding design allows pages to be individually removed or inserted from the binders within seconds for content arrangements or page refilling. There are two signature ways to refill, each with unique features.

| With NOTA Puncher , Refilling Is Simple And Fun |

Never need to worry about refilling your beloved notebooks or need to buy various notebook designs. We offer a free NOTA slot puncher for every book purchased and 20+ free designs and support you to max out your creativities.

We offer 20+ free design templates and support you to max out your creativities. Templates for planning, time scheduling, project-manage, sketching or general purposes. We’ve got them all covered. Free online resource link through a QR code inside the package box.

| Kind reminder |

  • Products are checked and passed our QC standards before shipped. Minute scratches or colour differences between parts are considered equitable due to mass-produce conditions. 
  • Suppose the purchase happened to be a defective one. Please return the product with the package intact, and we will fully refund the purchase. The refund process may take up to 20 working days due to the banking system. 
  • For any enquiries, please email –
Additional information

Additional information

book cover

Christmas Red, veg-tanned / black, veg-tanned / light brown

book binder

matte black, titanium silver

NOTA. puncher

with, without