NOTA. Daily A6 Binder Adaptor

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*The product is a derivative of the NOTA series and is an add-on for NOTA series.

Bind in with any A6 booklets!

The A6 adaptor allows you to bind ready-made notebooks or stacks of paper into the magnetic binder system. One Adaptor set comes with two A6 adaptors – capable of carrying four notebooks or pages up to 100+. One magnetic binder is needed to coop with one adaptor.

NOTA A6 Adaptor

Adapt with NOTA. DAILY binder ( 160mm)


  • A6 adaptors * 2
  • Elastic Band * 4
  • Portable plastic casing *1

Weight : 7 g
Dimensions : 1.4 * 26 * 160 mm
Material : Recycled Leather, Elastic Band


brown / black / gray ( randomly )

【 reminder 】

Using recycled leather gives a second life and unique material with special textures and a similar soft feel to genuine leather. When maintaining it, please wipe it with a dry cloth and do not use organic solvents. Recycled leather is consumable and less resilient than genuine leather. Disassembling the product yourself may result in damage to its appearance. The actual leather color and texture may vary from the comparison photos due to different batches of raw materials.

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Additional information

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