Applicable to NOTA. Work / NOTA. Daily

Work  Adaptor : 1.4 * 26 * 210 mm (A5)
Daily  Adaptor  : 1.4 * 26 * 160 mm (A6)

What is the Adaptor?

Adaptor is a NOTA accessory made up of two elastic cords and a fixed leather piece, designed in a modular fashion like other accessories, which can be applied to a magnetic book clip.

A  Adaptor can hold approximately 30-40 sheets of paper in two stacks (each elastic cord can hold 15-20 sheets), totaling 60-80 pages.

Folding the sheets of paper and inserting them without the need for additional punching, provides a new option for using paper, making it convenient to store quick notes and memos.

3-step installation of the Adaptor 

Because recycled leather itself has elasticity, first press the leather repeatedly to create creases at the folding points, making it easier to install into the book clip.

Step 1:

Insert the two elastic cords into the Adaptor, securing them in the middle of the Adaptor, then fold and press tightly, with the metal clip enclosed within the recycled leather.

Tightly press along the fold edge from one end to flatten the recycled leather, aligning the Adaptor.

Step 2:

Place the shaped Adaptor into the magnetic book clip: Hold the end with the U-shaped groove and insert it into the book clip.

Then slowly slide the Adaptor into the gap of the book clip.

After insertion, you can adjust the position of the Adaptor slightly, aligning its edge with the edge of the magnetic book clip.

Finally, insert the elastic silicone ring.

Step 3:

After folding the sheets of paper at hand, stack them neatly and place them inside the elastic cords.

Insert the sheets of paper diagonally into the elastic cords, using the thickness of the paper to stretch the cords. Once the paper is threaded through, pull it out from the other end to ensure that the paper doesn’t get creased during the process.

A Adaptor can hold two stacks of paper, with each stack containing approximately 15-20 sheets (30-40 pages), depending on the weight of the paper used. The paper placed in the Adaptor is suitable for everyday page flipping and writing.

NOTA Paper V.S Adaptor 

NOTA paper with magnetic book clip : 

  • Secures the book clip firmly, preventing any wobbling, for a clean and sleek overall look.
  • Elastic ring design for easy and quick paper extraction, taking just 2 seconds to pull and spread for use.
  • In the future, supplementary packs with more color and paper material choices will be available.
  • Suitable for users who enjoy drawing and extensive note-taking.

Adaptor : 

  • Suitable for flipping pages smoothly and writing neatly.
  • Paper can be obtained more flexibly and conveniently, whether it’s recycled paper, faxed photocopies, or even quick notes taken on the fly, all can be easily accommodated.
  • Suitable for daily note-taking and writing on the go.

NOTA offers two usage modes, each with its own advantages. Users can flexibly adapt to their personal contexts and needs, freely choosing between using NOTA paper or the Adaptor. Work and daily users can also combine and utilize both modes (as shown in the image above). We look forward to providing these versatile usage options, catering to various notebook purposes and user experiences.

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