Antou x eyecandle® – the UNTAMED STYLE



in collaboration with eyecandle®


Be creative and playful with a touch of untamed personal style. The collaborative gift box features an ANTOU Pen C that showcases minimalism, precision, and creativity, while eyecandle’s bulldog candles celebrate playfulness with a touch of untamed imagination. An intriguing and bold combination of craftsmanship and precision engineering, perfect for those seeking an extra punch in their gifting inspiration.

[ content ➀Pen C ]

Material:aluminium, steel, brass, magnet
Weight: 38.5 g


  • with the cap on :144 mm
  • with the cap attached behind :146 mm
  • without the cap :121 mm
  • width :Ø 12 mm

[ content ② Staffordshire Bull Terrier candle ]

height ≈ 16cm / weight ≈ 1kg

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  • 1. Trim the wick. (Maintain the wick at about 1/4 inch every time before lighting up the candle.)
  • 2. Place the candle in a sturdy container to collect dripping wax. Do not place the candle on any unstable objects.
  • 3. Clear the area around the candle. Remove all flammable objects around.
  • 4. Light the wick.




【 Kind reminder 】

  • Products are checked and passed our QC standards before shipped. Minute scratches or colour differences between parts are considered equitable due to mass-produce conditions.
  • Suppose the purchase happened to be a defective one. Please return the product with the package intact, and we will fully refund the purchase. The refund process may take up to 20 working days due to the banking system.
  • For any enquiries, please email – [email protected]
Additional information

Additional information

PenC color

black, gun metal, Royal blue, silver

Candle Color

gray-white, purple-pink

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