【 Cherish Materials】NOTA. WORK / Vegtable-Tanned Leather Cover


The most universal and customisable notebook!

【 Cherish Material 】

The “NOTA2.0 Cherish Material Sale” is mainly based on the slightly flawed NOTA2.0 WORK and the“NOTA2.0 Cherish Material Sale” with a sweet price. They’re not 100% perfect, but they are useful!

Slightly Flaw eg. fold flaw / crease/ scratched/ oil stains/ leather scar/ bug bites

the universal A4 size- NOTA Work / veg-tanned leather【Cherish Material】

You’ll never need to worry about refilling your beloved notebooks or need to buy various layout designs. The Work edition uses universal A4 paper to refill and accommodates the Daily binder with its add-ons—the most flexible, versatile notebook for any professional or creative use.


  • Work – veg-tanned leather cover * 1 (slightly flaw)
  • Work magnetic binder * 2
  • 20 sheets of A4 paper 
  • A5 adaptor * 1 ( accommodates any A5 size booklet )
  • Nota Puncher (with or without)


Material: veg-tanned leather, silicone band, aluminium, magnets
Weight: 435 g
Dimensions: 30 * 227 * 166 mm


【 Shipping reminder 】

Standard shipping offers trackable service without signing. It’s a more economical option; However, it bears the risk of parcel theft or delays. ANTOU would not be able to compensate for the loss of the parcel if it is delivered but stolen. The Express – track and sign service is much more reliable and secure. We strongly recommend using the track and sign service for high-value orders, as the package is simpler to track down from both ends and avoid parcel theft. 

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NOTA2.0 Quality Defect Sale

I’m not 100% beautiful,but I’m 100% useful!

After many times of selecting and filtering, NOTA 2.0 WORK is carefully selected and made of top-quality vegetable-tanned leather.    While paying attention to perfection, a considerable number of slightly flawed leather cover also comes out.   The production process of each piece of vegetable-tanned leather is quite consuming.     Some flaws inevitably appear in cattle breeding, factory production, and post-processing, but vegetable-tanned leather, The moist lustre of the leather, the unique skin texture after some oxidation and there will not be covered up the charm of the vegetable-tanned leather by the appearance flaws. More importantly, the perfect functions of the NOTA. series will never be reduced.

Therefore, the “NOTA2.0 Quality Defect Sale” is mainly based on the slightly flawed NOTA2.0 WORK and the “Quality Defect NOTA” with a sweet price. They’re not 100% perfect, but they are useful!

Detail Display


【 fold flaw 】

【 crease 】 (backside of cover)

【 scratched 】

【 oil stains 】

【 leather scar 】 

【 bug bites 】

Creativity Liberated

Book NOTA is a reinvented notebook and personal organizer with flexible modulating features and magnetic binding technology, keeping your ideas organized and your daily carryings simple. It is perfect for brainstorming and presentations that take your creativity to the next level.

【 Kind reminder 】

  • Products are checked and passed our QC standards before shipped. Minute scratches or colour differences between parts are considered equitable due to mass-produce conditions. 
  • Suppose the purchase happened to be a defective one. Please return the product with the package intact, and we will fully refund the purchase. The refund process may take up to 20 working days due to the banking system. 
  • For any enquiries, please email – [email protected]

Additional information

Additional information

book cover

Forest Green, Prussian Blue

book binder

matt black, titanium silver

NOTA. puncher

with puncher, without puncher