Customize your notebook with simply two punches.

Be bold and mix it up with colours! Let’s categorized the notebook arrangement with different texture and vibe. Use the NOTA slot puncher to personalize some unique design and paper arrangement into your notebook.

Four step instructions of how to use the NOTA slot puncher :

Step 1: Push to open the safety lock underneath the puncher.

Step 2: Cut the preferred paper into 16*23 cm

Step 3: Fold it in half, firm and tight.

Step 4: Place the puncher onto the folded corner and refer to the cut-out mark for the accurate position. Repeat the process again on the other end.

There you have it, all set! You may further print out different notebook designs from our online free templates.

Use higher gsm paper for making single page or labels.

Recommending 80 – 120 gsm for double side / 180 – 240 gsm for a single side.

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