Pen C mini—Content creator : Yen-An Chen

I’ve been knowing Yen-An for over ten years now. We were classmates back in college, and we’ve even flown to the UK on the same flight together for our master program. After finishing our degree – I choose to temporary stay in the UK to work as an in-house product designer. However, Yan-An left for Holland to continued on his journey of self-exploration. As to how I remembered, Yen-An has always kept his vivid and creative personality and hobbies. Although they may have swift from time to time, they all seem to be traceable in some sort similarities. Over the years, We’ve met up in various of timing: during school, travelling, exhibitions or at work, and we’d shared creative ideas of our latest project or any exciting things. 


Yen-An, Chen is an Industrial designer/soldering iron artist/photographer and a hand-poke tattoo artist. While being multidisciplinary in his practice – he is also an antique collector and a woodwork hobbyist. Yen-An had even hand-carved his tattoo tools from his scavenged timber collection. Despite his wide variety of professional practice, his passion for art and drawing remains the same throughout these years. He documents every bit of life with his camera and pen. 


Q: While working as an Industrial designer, you are rational and precious. However, while working as a photographer, you are much more sensitive. How do you swift from many different roles?

A: I like to learn new skills and especially exciting things. My first attempted for filming making was the video that I made for my design brand. 

I noticed that while I was working as a designer on my brand, there were very few interactions among us and other similar brands. However, when I start filming for others, they were much more willing to share their stories with me. After I started doing tattoos, my clients would share much deeper or private things with me due to the trust they had in me. I appreciate addition value of what my job brought me and the idea of changing the perspective on how we look at a thing from a different point of views.

I benefit from encountering different people and broaden my views through their exciting stories. I took that as my advantage when looking at my job tasks. Take film making as an example – I know how important it is to present a product from its core value, but somethings being too rational could be a bit boring. I would spice up the content with some inspirations that I’ve obtained while meeting different people. I would try to have the right mix of rational and sentimental according to whom I’m telling the story. 



Q: Tell us a bit more about your woodwork and collection, or the hand-poke tattoos. You’ve made your own tools, don’t you? How did you start doing this from zero?

A: I started from filming for a tattoo artist, and after completing 2 videos for him. I can’t help myself to ask and try for myself. He taught me the basic techniques of how to handle the needle, and also he explained along while showing the skills by re-tattooing on my old tattoos. I quickly turned to google and bought a set of tools and start practising on artificial skin. However, the material feels unrealistic, and I soon got bored with it, and finally, I had my first try on a human body. Of course, I was my first client. During that time, a lot of friends came for tattoos, and I posted my works on my Instagram, and eventually, I had about 70 to 80 tattoo works within six months. I was lucky and surprised when I was invited from a Taiwan-based tattoo studio to attend their pop-up event as a tattoo artist when I travelled back to Taiwan.

Besides tattooing, I have been continually working on wood soldering iron art and sketching animal specimen or anatomy since 2012. I’ve volunteered at the Holland National archaeology museum to draw for their academic research and specimen collection in 2015. The vast amount of drawing or sketch practice had much supported my technique in tattooing, and I felt proficient with the similar concept of drawing with a pen-like tool.  


Q: You’ve been travelling around the world a lot and work as different professions. Is there anything that’s a “must” or you would take with you during travel? 

A: A camera, a pen, and a folding knife.

I’ve gone on road trips in the U.S in 2017 and 2018, and they were both for one and a half month long. We drove from north to south and east to west. Those trip changed me a lot, and I’ve learned not to be too attached to the materialized world. I tried to have my lifestyle as free and as minimal as possible. I usually carry a small folding knife when we went on camping, and I would have my camera to document inspiring things and a pen to write them down.


Q: Since a pen is such a key role in all of your practices or professions. Anything particular traits that you would expect from a good pen?

A: I like a pen with a decent weight, and I use a lot of fine liners. For example, I use the needle tip pen for most of my sketch and detail drawings. But most importantly, a good pen should look good.



Q: After using PenC mini for a while, what are your thoughts?

A: As a product designer, too. I would expect a product to have some surprising details, and I like the PenC mini’s magnetic cap. The click sound when capping the lip is so satisfying that I can’t help playing and fidgeting with it. The weight is decent and balanced, and the edgy profile is excellent for stabling the pen on the tabletop. The overall size is also compact for travel carry. 


Q: If PenC mini were a person, how would you describe him/her?

A: A very refined, organized, rational, and good liking person. As a pen used daily – I like how the coating one the edge gradually worn-out, and the pen become something unique and personal. 



GUEST / Yen-An, Chen




HOST / Yen

Designer and co-founder at ANTOU and Yenchenyawen. Passionate about design, gaming, aliens and UFOs.

產品設計實習 – Felix 心得

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Felix / 產品設計師





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pan c mini Q&A

Pen C mini Q&A

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Q:新款Pen C mini是在哪製造呢?


ANTOU岸頭所有產品均為台灣生產與製造 ,品牌的目標是生產耐用、多功能的產品。為了讓Pen C mini完全達成,因此我們從設計到製造的階段就確定採用能持久、徹底低耗損,夠陪伴使用者歷經長期使用考驗的6016航太用鋁合金,其材質特性質量輕、具有良好的高強度延展性,常見使用在飛機結構,例如機身、機翼。


Pen C mini製造,零件




為了優化書寫的體驗,團隊設計師花了一段時間試驗與調查市面多數筆芯/筆頭寬度,因此設計出特殊的筆頭尖爪結構在Pen C mini上,這樣的筆頭結構能夠緊密包覆市面絕大多數筆芯之外,同時也優化了書寫穩定性,因此Pen C mini能夠完全達到緊密貼合零搖晃。

Pen C mini書寫穩定

Q:Pen C mini新款包裝盒是什麼樣子呢?

A:Pen C mini使用鋁合金質感收納盒

ANTOU岸頭所有筆類產品的外裝盒,我們採用了與筆本身一致性的鋁合金 材質,表面附有品牌Logo雷射彫刻,收納盒整體質感內斂簡約。堅固且輕盈的外盒特性加上Pen C mini的小巧外型,使得收納盒更為精緻。除了用來包裝外,盒子還可以這麼使用:



Pen C mini金屬包裝盒

Q:Pen C mini換筆芯時,組裝零件會不會很複雜?


Pen C mini換芯過程除了將筆蓋卸下之外,只需拆卸夾頭即可更換筆芯,以爪形夾頭設計取代彈簧,用來穩固筆頭讓筆尖更加服貼,因此不會有書寫晃動問題。外型與內在表裡如一,線條簡約、使用簡單、拆裝便捷好上手。

Pen C mini換筆芯

Q:Pen C mini的筆寬?書寫手感?好想親身體驗啊!




Pen C mini輕盈筆體驗

Q:Pen C mini能使用哪種粗細的筆芯呢?

A:粗細不是問題,PenC mini各種粗細都能相容相通!

市面上常見筆芯粗細尺寸有0.3mm / 0.4mm / 0.5mm / 1.0mm 四種尺寸,筆芯的類型又分成膠墨中性筆、⽔性鋼珠筆、油性鋼珠筆、針芯筆/代針筆。無論是那種筆芯尺寸、類型,Pen C mini都能相容喔!筆尖粗細基本上是不影響,但由於Pen C mini小巧的外型關係,因此只需注意墨水管的長度稍作修剪即可。

Pen c mini 各種粗細筆芯

Q:Pen C mini筆看來有點偏粗耶?會不會不太好掌握呢?




Pen C mini的筆桿屬於適中的粗度,也因筆桿是6016航太用鋁合金材質,筆握在手上可以明顯感受到它的質地,書寫體驗絕對不讓您失望。

pen c mini粗細

Q:「筆」在市面上有許多選擇,50元就可以購得一支筆,為何要選購千元單價的Pen C mini呢?

A:職人精神 淬煉商品

ANTOU品牌團隊以專業設計、用心製造的態度感到自豪,從2017年起推出經典模型Pen C經過時間淬煉,三年過後更精進優化的推出Pen C mini,產品除了更加貼近使用者的需求,品牌以嚴謹的精神投入其中,打造出可延續性使用同時擁有科技精品質感的筆。

A:你的風格 自己定義

試著想想那些令你欣賞的朋友、同事、指標性的人物,從他們身上你是否看出了是什麼關鍵點使你如此心之嚮往?無論是內在或外在,其中最為之關鍵的一點就是「第一眼印象」。 第一眼就展開好印象的人,不但可以縮短交際距離,還可以替你在眾多人之中突顯出與眾不同。印象可以從一個人的舉手投足、使用的東西、穿著的風格開始塑造。用單品塑造個人風格,不僅僅可得到他人關注、美言幾句或搭話,更可以成就自己外在的品味與內在的精緻。

懂選一支筆,每個細節Pen C mini都有設計的堅持。 懂挑一支筆,證明你重視自己,清楚明白你所合適的。

Pen C mini價值感

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